1. Why do I need to talk to a lender before starting to look for homes?

Talking to our preferred lender will help you determine what you can afford. If you are a first-time homebuyer, there are also zero down programs our lender knows about that could be applicable to your personal situation. There are also additional costs associated with purchasing a home such as mortgage loan costs, appraisal, etc that our lender can help you understand everything that is included in the financial decision you are making. 

2. Why should I use Real Estate agent to help me buy a home? Can’t I just work directly with the seller's agent?

In an ultra competitive real estate landscape, having a high octane real estate professional who has seen it all and knows…

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Spring is just around the corner and the real estate market, along with the temperature outside, is starting to heat up.If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, we’re going to give you our top 10 tips on how to lure in more buyers and to getting it done quickly for the highest dollar amount.

1. Hire a Pro!  This is the most important step. A top Realtor knows the market and can assess your home’s value and get it priced right to bring in multiple offers, which will drive the price up even more!

2. Price it right from the start. Sellers often want to price their home as high as possible, which usually leads to a quick price reduction. This strategy most often leads to a slower sale and adds to the “days on market”. By hiring a…

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