Real Estate Blog - Blog Archive: February, 2020

Big news in the real estate world again this week! Mortgage interest rates continue to drop! They've dropped below 3.5%! This is great news for anyone considering buying a house. We can't stress this enough..... If you're going to buy a house or invest in real estate anytime soon, NOW is the time to get it done! A rate at 3.5% will save you tens of thousands in interest over the life of a loan. We're always happy to run the numbers for you to decide if a purchase or a refinance on your current mortgage makes sense.

For example.... Rates last year at this same time were around 4.5%. On a typical $300,000 loan, today's rate of 3.5% would save the borrower approximately $60,000 over the life of a loan. What could you do with an extra $60,000 in your…

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